Sustainable Chemistry

Cooley’s commitment to sustainable chemistry is reflected in our state-of-the-art research & development and manufacturing facilities, stringent process controls, exhaustive safety practices, compliance testing, and responsive technical assistance.

Our modern R&D Innovation Center is home to industry-leading chemists, chemical analysis, in-house chemical and material testing capabilities, and prototype extrusion equipment.

We take our commitment to sustainability a step further through our “We Make It, We Take It Back” initiative. All materials sold by Cooley Group can be shipped back to Cooley at the end of their useful life to be repurposed back into a new product solution.

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Cooley Innovative Solutions - Large Flexible Fuel Membrane

Since our establishment in 1926, Cooley Group has taken pride in our long history of ‘firsts.’

The first thermoplastic roofing manufacturer in North America (1977)
The first company to introduce Dupont Kevlar-reinforced TPU for oil booms (1983)
The first company to develop PVC billboard substrates for the outdoor advertising industry (1993)
The first company to manufacture a heavy denier leno fabric for geomembranes, bermliners, and oil booms (which went on to become the product of choice for containing the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010).

Other Milestones Include,

  • Developed proprietary print media to wrap the London Olympic Stadium (with Dow Chemical) as part of an initiative to create the most sustainable Olympic Games in history. (2012)
  • The only company in the world/first company in the world capable of producing seamless 5M reinforced containment membranes (RPP, RPE, TPU) (2013)
  • New Coolthane Technology used by every branch of the US military for CRRC (2016)
  • Developed industry’s first 5M, 30-year EIA potable water reservoir liner and cover technology (2018)
  • Developed new PVC (2019) and TPO (2014) film products for covering and waterproofing RV roofs
  • Pivoted to create drop-in liners for crude oil storage (2020)
  • Pivoted to create level 4 medical gowns during COVID-19 pandemic (2020)


Its 90 year history of proven performance and innovative solutions has seen its membranes used in some of the world’s most high-profile environmental protection: water, fuel, and chemical containment; military; outdoor advertising; and roofing initiatives. Founded in 1926, Cooley has solidified its reputation as an expert in polymer technology and coated industrial fabrics across five divisions: Containment Solutions, Waterproofing Solutions, Print Media Solutions, Sign & Shade Solutions, and Custom Solutions.

Quite simply, Cooley’s reputation – and our customers’ reputations – depend on it.

From the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport roof in Mumbai to over 60 million cubic meters of cover and liner for potable water and wastewater in Australia, and from the 250,000-gallon portable fuel storage tank installed at various U.S. Military sites to the oil boom containment material deployed in the Gulf of Mexico and the chemically treated fabric used in Combat Rubber Raiding Craft – the dependence on proven performance by Cooley’s global customer base occurs every moment of every day.

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