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Cooley Healthcare Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of engineered coated textiles for device, antibacterial and launderable healthcare solutions. Serving worldwide partners ranging from hospitals to long-term care facilities, Cooley’s high performance is apparent in the soft, flexible, lightweight and highly durable fabrics we design and manufacture in North America. Cooley products are safe, trusted and provide full adherence to all applicable national and international healthcare standards



Cooley develops and manufactures healthcare device fabric for non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) cuffs, Vascular Compression Therapy Sleeves, Lymphadema Therapy Garments, Airway Clearing Vests and other critical applications. Our high-performance PVC and alternate polymer technologies are phthalate and heavy metal free, soft, lightweight, non-irritating and durable for unparalleled and consistent performance.

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Cooley Group Healthcare Device fabric solutions


Cooley’s product line of anti-bacterial solutions includes highly durable, woven fabrics for mattresses, pillows, operating room table pads, stretcher pads and other coverings deployed in institutional settings such as hospitals, dormitories, and correctional facilities. The Vintex brand of antibacterial solutions provide a durable, wipe down barrier offering reliable, long term performance in demanding environments.

Vintex SoffTICK® | MEDGUARD®


Cooley is the leading provider of launderable barrier fabrics in the healthcare industry. Our high-performance technical formulations are used in a variety of applications including launderable/reusable bed pads, mattress protection, laundry bags and incontinence products. V-Care is specially formulated to be soft and supple yet durable for well over 100+ washings. Cooley’s launderable solutions are safe and consistently made to meet demanding medical safety and performance standards.

Vintex V-Care®