Cooley Custom Solutions is the world’s premier developer, manufacturer and distributor of customized geomembrane and technical textile products.  Cooley services customers in the military, industrial and government markets with materials fabricated into a diversity of applications, including combat raiding crafts and other inflatable boats, high speed and freezer doors, bambi-buckets for fire containment, oil boom containment (temporary and permanent), and healthcare and medical supplies.  Cooley is actively developing other customized high-performance containment solutions for unique end-user applications.



Cooley is the leading provider of inflatable boat technologies used by military and commercial customers around the world.  CoolThane® polyurethane fabrics are used to create various inflatable boat applications – including Combat Raiding Craft (CRC) used by the US military. The innovative fabric is favored specifically for its superior durability. The CRC has three times the puncture resistance of Hypalon or PVC. CoolThane® is Berry Amendment-compliant and is heat-weldable, allowing for welded seams that form a joint stronger than the material itself.




Cooley’s containment product solutions include geomembranes used to contain oil spills and for prophylactic protection in harbors and other water ways. Designed to protect the environment from harsh chemicals (including crude oil and gasoline), the innovative geomembrane is highly resistant to salt water, extreme weather, abrasions, and punctures.

CoolThane® |  CoolGuard® |  CoolShield® |  TXN®

Oil Booms


Cooley’s General Industrial applications include a diverse offering of custom geomembranes and specialty fabrics, including a fire-resistant membrane for small bladder applications, a revolutionary hurricane protection fabric for home and commercial use, dunnage and transport bags for enhanced automotive packaging, and durable yet flexible mats and padding for the athletics industry. Key features of these product solutions include flexibility, weather resistance, flame-retardance, and, where required, adherent to the highest food-grade specifications.

ArmorShell®  |  ArmorSeal®  |  StormFlex®  |  TXN® | SoffPak® | VinaGARD® | VinaGYM®



Cooley Technical Textiles specializes in woven and knitted fabrics (greige goods) used in applications varying from flexible truck sides, tarpaulins, and military fuel bladders, to billboards and banners, oil booms, and commercial roofing. Crafted with reliable, optimized product design, Cooley offers standard and custom constructions as well as multiple yarn types, including polyester, nylon, Aramid, carbon, and other specialty types. All of Cooley’s textiles are manufactured in the company’s US textile dedicated facility under stringent ISO:9001 quality ISO:14001 environmental standards.



Cooley’s coated fabrics for doors and dock shelters offer a coating formula specially designed for the rigors of all-weather trucking (fitted covers and flat tarps) and warehouse applications, providing a seal between a tractor-trailer and the loading dock. Cooley’s proprietary ArmorSeal® door technology allows for high-speed door opening and closure for warehouse freezers and other temperature sensitive applications.  Highly resistant to rips, tears, abrasions, and punctures, the TXN® and DockGard® membrane retains these properties even at subzero temperatures.

TXN® |  ArmorSeal® | DockGard®