Cooley Product Applications

Industrial Applications

Cooley Group’s 90-year-history of proven performance via continually innovative solutions and through the development of sustainable chemistry is evident across its vast array of industrial applications. From its beginnings as merely a manufacturer of awnings, Cooley has evolved into a global manufacturer of high-performance polymeric solutions – ranging from military inflatable boats to commercial fuel tanks, from billboards and banners to signs and awnings, and from commercial single-ply roofing to water protection/preservation initiatives.

Portable Tanks
Collapsible/Portable Tanks

Cooley’s resilient, industrial-strength fabrics are used to manufacture collapsible/portable pillow tanks in the containment of as much as 210,000 gallons (800,000 liters). The membranes are designed to withstand harsh conditions and contain large capacities, yet they are flexible enough to be packaged into small containers for transport and quick deployment. The fabric is made with a proprietary formulation for water and fuel containment—including fuel, diesel, and avgas (aviation gasoline)—and meets stringent military specifications.

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Primary/Secondary Containment

Cooley’s line of commercial containment applications includes solutions for primary/secondary containment (fuel, oil, chemical). Primary containment pertains to the containment of any type of fluid for an extended period of time, while secondary containment surrounds one or more primary storage containers to prevent or minimize the possibility of accidental release while also ensuring compliance with chemical storage regulations.

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Inflatable Boats
Inflatable Boats

CoolThane polyurethane fabrics are used to create various Inflatable Boat applications – including Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC) used in the military. The innovative fabric is favored specifically for its superior durability as it has three times the puncture resistance of Hypalon or PVC. CoolThane is Berry Amendment-compliant and is heat-weldable, allowing for welded seams that form a joint stronger than the material itself.

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Oil Booms

Cooley’s containment product solutions include geomembranes used to contain oil spills. Designed to protect the environment from harsh chemicals (including crude oil and gasoline), the innovative geomembrane is highly resistant to salt water, extreme weather, abrasions, and punctures.

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Cooley Industrial Applications Doors
Docks & Doors

Cooley’s vinyl-coated fabrics for doors and dock shelters offer a coating formula specially designed for the rigors of all-weather trucking (fitted covers and flat tarps) and warehouse applications, providing a seal between a tractor-trailer and the loading dock. Highly resistant to rips, tears, abrasions, and punctures, the TXN® membrane retains these properties even at low temperatures.


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General Industrial
General Industrial

Cooley’s General Industrial applications include a diverse offering of geomembranes and specialty fabrics, including a fire-resistant membrane for small bladder applications, a revolutionary hurricane protection fabric for home and commercial use, and a proprietary, PVC-free polymer system for use in the medical industry. Key features of these product solutions include: flexibility, weather resistance, flame-retardance, antibacterial, antifungal, and where required, they meet food-grade specifications.

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Water Protection Products
Water Protection & Preservation

Cooley is the leading provider of a complete range of commercial and potable water-grade geomembranes, including CoolPro reinforced polypropylene, CoolThane® polyurethane-coated fabrics, CoolShield® for high-temperature and extreme containment applications, and the Oasis floating cover – a durable, high-performance membrane specially designed for use on water reservoirs and certified (NSF Standard 61 and AS 4020) for potable water usage. Other applications include: bladder tanks, floating baffles, baffle curtains for underground reservoirs, covers/floors for tanks and ponds, and secondary containment.

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Commercial Roofing Products

Cooley is the premier private label manufacturer of high-performance, commercial roofing membranes in the world. Our roots in the roofing industry trace back to 1977 when we produced our first commercial roofing membrane. Since then, Cooley single-ply membranes have been installed on more than one billion feet2 (100 million meters2) of roofs around the world – from the toughest climates in North America to those in the Middle East and Asia.

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Cooley-Brite Dunkin Donuts awning

Cooley’s line of eradicable sign substrates features Cooley-Brite® – the original backlit sign and awning material, developed with a nearly invisible scrim design that allows for maximum light diffusion, consistent translucency, and brilliant eradicable colors. Cooley’s Sign substrates can be screen-printed, digitally printed (or both); and only Cooley can match any PMS color (or “corporate” color) and meet any striping configuration (using multiple colors) up to 78 inches.

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Cooley’s highly diversified product solutions include substrates for commercial and residential Awnings. Available in 11-oz. and 16-oz. versions, the Weathertyte®PLUS product line is designed to outperform woven acrylics, and is waterproof and colorfast. The frontlit application is constructed with PVC, but has the look of canvas and is highly resistant to UV rays, mildew, and water. Available in a variety of colors.

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Out of home advertising
Out of Home Advertising

A pioneer in the Sign & Awning industry, Cooley also offers product solutions for Out-of-Home Advertising. Cooley offers substrates for billboards, banners, building/stadium wraps, transit shelters, blockout (double-sided) and backlit signs, POP (point of purchase) displays, poster, and other specialty applications.

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Technical Textiles
Technical Textiles (Greige Goods)

Cooley Technical Textiles specializes in woven and knitted fabrics (greige goods) used in applications varying from flexible truck sides, tarpaulins, and military fuel bladders, to billboards and banners, oil booms, and commercial roofing. Crafted with reliable, optimized product design, Cooley offers standard and custom constructions as well as multiple yarn types, including polyester, nylon, Aramid, carbon, and other specialty types.

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Healthcare Solutions

Cooley Healthcare Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of engineered coated textiles for device, antibacterial and launderable healthcare solutions. Serving worldwide partners ranging from hospitals to long-term care facilities, Cooley’s high performance is apparent in the soft, flexible, lightweight and highly durable fabrics we design and manufacture in North America.

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Unsure of what you need? Searching for a sustainable alternative? Our research and development team specializes in formulating unique solutions to fit your specific requirements. Our extrusion process allows for production in a variety of widths (up to 196in.) colors, and thickness.

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