Containment Solutions

Cooley Containment Solutions is the world’s premier developer, manufacturer and distributor of primary and secondary containment products for water, wastewater, chemical, fuel and crude oil.  Cooley services water, military, industrial, fuel, and chemical, energy, agricultural, civil, and government markets with permanent, mobile, and temporary bladder, liner, and cover storage solutions ranging in size from onion tanks to massive potable water reservoirs.  Cooley commitment to high-performance includes full conformance with all national and international standards and the longest warranties in the industry.

Containment solutions for the Energy Industry


Cooley’s product line of commercial containment solutions includes myriad custom products for the mining, fracking, and other energy markets – including primary and secondary containment. Primary containment refers to the temporary or permanent containment of fluids (fuel, oil, chemicals). Secondary containment is material surrounding one or more primary storage containers to prevent or minimize the possibility of accidental damage to the surrounding environment, while also ensuring compliance with chemical storage regulations.

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Containment solutions for water protection and preservation


Cooley is the leading provider of water protection and preservation technologies across a range of commercial, industrial, and municipal potable water-grade applications.  Cooley’s diverse range of geomembrane liners and covers have been used to contain water and wastewater in reservoirs around the world.  Other applications include bladder tanks, floating baffles, baffle curtains for underground reservoirs, covers/floors for tanks and ponds, and secondary containment.

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Portable Tank Solutions


Cooley is the leading provider of containment technologies for potable fluid storage.  Our resilient, industrial-strength geomembranes are used to manufacture collapsible and portable pillow tanks that contain as much as 210,000 gallons (800,000 liters). The membranes are designed to withstand harsh conditions and hold large capacities, yet they are flexible enough to be packaged into small containers for transport and quick deployment. The fabric is made with a proprietary formulation for water and fuel containment—including fuel, diesel, and avgas (aviation gasoline)—and meets stringent military specifications.

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